ECLIC is a non profit association moderating the development of digital industry solutions across its community. The solutions are being built by the community for the community and the list of new solutions is being extended year after year.

Electronic EFTCO Cleaning Document (eECD) solution

The eECD or electronic EFTCO Cleaning Document is the new digital variant of the paper EFTCO Cleaning Document or paper ECD.

Electronic Proof Previous Load (ePPL) Solution

The ePPL or electronic Proof Previous Load is a digital, industry standardized declaration describing the details of the previous product loaded into a bulk tank.

Electronic EFTCO Cleaning Order (eECO) Solution

The eECO or electronic EFTCO Cleaning Order is the new digital variant of the EFTCO cleaning order on paper used between the carrier and cleaning station.

Digital equipment master data (eEQUIP) Solution

The eEQUIP solution allows to exchange a standard set of digital equipment master data required for cleaning and loading operations.

Electronic Depot Declaration (eDD) Solution

The eDD or electronic Depot Declaration is a electronic document issued when a container is moved to depot after cleaning.

Safety Data sheets (eSDS)

The electronic Safety Data Sheet or eSDS solution allows to exchange the previous load product safety information within the actors of the ECLIC community.

New Solutions Planned

ECLIC is a co-creation community whereby members can launch new solutions and improvements.

ECLIC Roadmap 2026

Here an ECLIC roadmap towards future ECLIC solutions and initiatives.