What do we aim for?

The Eclic association aims at facilitating secured data sharing among industrial actors related to chemical logistics via an application platform allowing to transform the current manual and paper driven logistics processes into more integrated, collaborative, electronic and real time processes of data sharing.

The chemical industry is the focus point of the Association's activities starting with the conversion of the EFTCO cleaning document into an electronic document. At a later stage, the process could be extended to other industries such as food, feed and pharma when further value added use cases and/or synergies will be identified.


Why has ECLIC been founded within Chemical Logistics?

  • ECLIC forms a neutral governance structure to facilitate secure data sharing
  • ECLIC defines and approves the data quality and data sharing policies & procedures to operate a data sharing application platform and ensure they are applied effectively
  • ECLIC is a “not for profit” organization respecting data ownership
  • ECLIC acts as a knowledge center on collaborative processes, data and information exchange and strives for common ways of data exchange and process standardization
  • ECLIC acts as a ‘trustee’ to secure proper data use across the chemical logistics stakeholders

ECLIC – A chemical logistics company network embracing digital Collaboration and Innovation

ECLIC vision and Use Case roadmap

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