Your multi-stakeholder governed ecosystem that enables interoperability and trustfull data sharing in chemical logistics

Get on board and collaborate with your suppliers & customers via the agile ECLIC community network

what is eclic?

ECLIC stands for European Chemical Logistics Information Council and is a non profit association facilitating digital collaboration in chemical logistics while respecting data ownership, striving for interoperable logistics industry solutions. It allows companies to exchange data using digital industry standards while increasing sustainability, compliancy and efficiency.


eclic mission

Enhance operational safety, sustainability, compliancy and efficiency within chemical logistics through trusted data sharing across an ECLIC engaged company network of actors, using “state-of-the-art” technologies & services. The offered solutions are extendable to other industry sectors.

who are we?

ECLIC collaborates digitally with shippers, carriers, cleaners, tank storage operators and customers across Chemical logistics.

eclic - eftco and eecd

EFTCO is the European Federation of tank cleaning operations and is in full support of the digitalization of the current paper EFTCO Cleaning Document or ECD. In addition EFTCO is registered trade mark and owns the copyrights of the ECD document.

The digital eECD version is equally valid, trustworthy and has an equal legal value compared to the paper ECD.