eECD-ePPL Use Case

eECD-ePPL Use Case

What is an ECD?

ECD, the EFTCO Cleaning Document is a support document for every single tank cleaning in the supply chain process

Advantages of an ECD are:

  • Standardized
  • Unique reference numbers
  • Multilingual tank cleaning codes

It supports the Responsible Care program of the chemical Industry

What is an ePPL?

Project Objective


Digitalization of the EFTCO Cleaning Document supported by a DATA SHARING platform Nxtport


  • Safety
  • Quality & Compliance
  • Efficiency

Avoid loss of ECD, Improve data & SDS quality, allow real-time checking, tackle fraud, reduce waiting time,….


  • ECTA - Transport Partners
  • Essenscia - Chemical & Tank Storage Company
  • EFTCO - Tank Cleaning Stations

eECD Benefits?

Product and process quality: accurate, real time product information

The eECD process ensures that accurate & real-time cleaning and product loading information is being exchanged throughout the tank cleaning, transport, and chemical companies. The digital communication process is fully traceable between all parties leading to a less error prone, more transparent, highly accurate exchange of information, which in turn helps to deliver a high quality product & service to the end customer.


Responsible Care & Safety

The aim for more safety and higher responsible care standards is a cornerstone within the strategy of each stakeholder. Misinformation due to non-transparency of product data, inconsistent safety data information or data delays, can cause dangerous situations for all stakeholders in their specific operations. This new digital eECD process allows to overcome these hurdles and guarantees a more safe & sustainable cleaning process.

Operational excellence

In the longer run, digitalization of the exchange of ECD information will mean less manual work, faster site entrance & loadings, less rework, automatic cleaning codes checks and reduced waiting times for truck drivers especially now that cleaning information can be exchanged prior truck arrival at the loading site. In addition, shortening the historical product blacklists will lead to higher asset availability, which reduces costs and increases efficiency.


Concrete benefits for the Chemical Producers

  • Improved Product Quality
  • Reduced cross-contamination risks
  • Automatic check of pre-loading restrictions and tank cleaning for bulk shipments
  • Paperless - Fast Lane access
  • More compliant with regulations
  • Reduced effort for manual checks
  • Improved reliability / customer loyalty
  • Real time notifications & warnings

eECD subscribed companies

Chemical Companies
Transport & Logistics Companies
Cleaning Companies

The Project Timeline

Who, which role and/or which types of companies should register to the digital eECD process?

The digital eECD process allows 4 types of company types to work seamlessly together around a digital EFTCO Cleaning Document and process. Each company can fulfill one or more functional process roles in this digitalized eECD process and each role can add information to each cleaning transaction. The company process roles can be defined as

  1. Cleaner: Company – Organization that performs the cleaning. Eg Cleaning Companies
  2. EquipmentOperator:Company -Organization that transfers equipment and assigns equipment to transport orders eg Transport Companies
  3. Seller:Company - Organization that sell products to Customer and and initiate the transport order eg Chemical companies
  4. Loader:Company-Organization that load product at their own premise or a third party terminal location eg Chemical Companies or Tank Storage companies

This can be summarized in the following diagram:

eECD intro and on boarding movies

  • Digital eECD Process explanation Intro
  • eECD application demo of the digital eECD Process

eECD company network

Find below the list of companies who already subscribed to the digital eECD process and are preparing their teams, per specific loading or cleaning location, to use the digital eECD within the next 2 months. This list is updated on a regular basis and the purpose is to let the eECD network grow so that companies can find & contact each other within this network and build up the digital eECD experience together. Do you have any further eECD company network question? Please contact

Company Name Licence Type Country Location Licence Holder Admin User
Covestro NV Seller-Loader Belgium Scheldelaan 420 – Haven 507 - 2040 Antwerp Lieven De Jonge Peggy Janssens
Cotac Europe GmbH Cleaner Belgium Transcontinentaalweg 10-12 - Haven 200 - 2030 Antwerp Erwig Seliaerts Erwig Seliaerts
Cotac Nederland BV Cleaner Netherlands Oude Maasweg 44-50 NL-3197 KJ Botlek (Rotterdam) Erwig Seliaerts Tako Runia, Perry Klopstra
Haesaerts Intermodal NV Equipment Operator Belgium Keetberglaan - Haven 1054 - 2070 Zwijndrecht Luc Haesaerts Rudy Aerts
Evonik NV Seller-Loader, Equipment Operator Belgium/Germany Tijsmanstunnel West 2040 Antwerp Bart Witdouck Tim Mertens
BASF Antwerpen Seller-Loader Belgium Scheldelaan 600, 2040 Antwerpen Benny De L'Arbre Bert Lamberechts
BASF SE Seller-Loader Germany Carl-Bosch-Straße 38, 67063 Ludwigshafen am Rhein Benny De L'Arbre Bert Lamberechts
BASF Lemförde Seller-Loader Germany Elastogranstraße 60, 49448 Lemförde Benny De L'Arbre Bert Lamberechts
Hoyer GmbH Equipment Operator Germany Wendenstrasse 414-424 - 20537 Hamburg Leon de Graaff Robert Zwetsloot
Borealis AG Seller-Loader Belgium Industrieweg 148, 3583, Beringen Annemieke Van der Linden Annemieke Van der Linden
ADPO NV EquipmentOperator, Loader, Cleaner Belgium Steenlandlaan 3, 9130 Kallo Joris Goethals Joris Goethals
ADPO NV EquipmentOperator, Loader, Cleaner Belgium LLH (Liefkenshoek Logistic Hub), Geslecht, 9130 Kallo Joris Goethals Joris Goethals
HTC-Colombus NV Cleaner Belgium Scheldelaan - Haven 373 , 2030 Antwerpen Jochen Van Hoydonck Jochen Van Hoydonck
HTC-Tankcleaning NV Cleaner Belgium Moerbroek 10, 2270 Herenthout Jochen Van Hoydonck Jochen Van Hoydonck
HTC-Seneffe SA Cleaner Belgium Chaussee de Nivelle, 7170 Manage Jochen Van Hoydonck Jochen Van Hoydonck
GCA Gentenaar Cleaning Moerdijk B.V. Cleaner Netherlands Middenweg 26a, 4782 PM,  Moerdijk Claude Blanc Sandrine Huet
GCA GCA Lavage Cleaner France ZI Gournier – 26200 , Montelimar Claude Blanc Sandrine Huet
GCA LAVAOUEST Cleaner France ZI Les Herbages 76170 Lillebonne Claude Blanc Sandrine Huet
GCA LACISA Cleaner Spain Carrer de Simón Ferrer, 3 08039 Barcelona Claude Blanc Sandrine Huet
GCA TSA PORT Cleaner Belgium Romeynsweel 1A. 2030 Antwerpen Claude Blanc Sandrine Huet
GCA TSA Cleaner Belgium Hoeikensstraat 31 2830 Willebroek Claude Blanc Sandrine Huet
Transport Gheys NV EquipmentOperator, Cleaner Belgium Voortstraat 19 2400 Mol Wouter Coppens Niels Hendriks
Bertschi AG Equipment Operator Switzerland Hutmattstrasse 22 CH-5724 Duerrenaesch Joerg Berner Joerg Berner
Peter Hempt GmbH Cleaner Germany Langgewann 56 67547 Worms Enrico Finelli Nils Rossman
Kube & Kubenz GmbH & Co.KG Equipment Operator Germany Nagelsweg 39, 20097 Hamburg Michael Kubenz Martin Copray
Lanfer Transporte GmbH & CO KG Equipment Operator Germany Dieselstr. 10, 49716 Meppen Markus Wolff Markus Wolff
Top Tank Cleaning GmbH & Co KG Cleaner Germany Am Eifeltor 4, 50997  Köln Ulrich Bresser Ulrich Bresser
Europaverkehre Hammer & Co GmbH Equipment Operator Germany Auf der Hüls 120, 52068 Aachen Ulrich Bresser Ulrich Bresser
MTC Tankcleaning BV Cleaner Netherlands Westgeulstraat 5, 3197 LD, Rotterdam Ed Michawitz Ed Michawitz
Ineos Europe AG Seller-Loader Belgium Scheldedijk 50, 2070 Zwijndrecht Benjamin Twisk Benjamin Twisk
Tank Cleaning Europoort Cleaner Netherlands Moezelweg 181, 3198 LS, Europoort Rotterdam Kees in't Veen Terry de Mello
Transport Nagels NV Equipment Operator Belgium Romeynsweel 1C, 2030 Antwerpen Bob Nagels Bob Nagels
Sumitomo ChemicalEurope NV Seller-Loader Belgium Woluwelaan 57, 1830 Machelen Henning Schussmüller Wendy Lebegge
Antwerp Tank Cleaning (ATC) - Van Loon Cleaner Belgium Schomhoeveweg 9, 2000 Antwerpen Gunther Van Loon Niko Gatsou
Köppen GmbH Cleaner Germany Arnold-Dehnen-Str. 20-24 , 47138 Duisburg Jochen Köppen Deniz Gürcan
Van Moer Cleaning & Repair NV Cleaner Belgium Vitshoekstraat 11 - haven 1054, 2070 Zwijndrecht Tim Claes Astrid Van den Kieboom
De Decker Van Riet Equipment Operator Belgium Kouterbaan 40, 1840 Malderen Ivan Daelemans Ivan Daelemans
Karl Schmidt Spedition Gmbh & Co.KG Equipment Operator, Loader, Cleaner Germany Roetelstraße 1, DE-74076 City: Heilbronn Thomas Schmidt Thomas Rech
VTG Tanktainer GmbH Equipment Operator Germany Hammerbrookstraße 5, 20097 Hamburg Andreas Petersson-Lehmann Nicole Obst
J.van Opdorp en Zonen BV Cleaner Netherlands Nijverheidsstraat 1, 4550 AE ,Sas van Gent Peter Wieland John Slis
RINNEN GmbH & Co. KG, Internationale Spedition Equipment Operator, Cleaner Germany Gutenbergstrasse 27 D-47443,Moers Ralf Pfeifer Michael Mehlhorn
Huktra NV Equipment Operator Belgium Koggenstraat 12, 8380 Zeebrugge Krista Dewulf Frederik Loncke
MAC² Solutions Cleaner Belgium Blauwe Weg 7 - Haven 261, 2030 Antwerpen Claudia Van Hoof Claudia Van Hoof
Transports Vervaeke NV Equipment Operator Belgium Brusselsesteenweg 391, 1731 Zellik Frédéric Derumeaux Mario De Smedt
IAT A/S Cleaner Denmark Toldboden 1, DK-6700, Esbjerg Hardy Staal Poul Erik Nesager
Gruber GmbH & Co. KG Equipment Operator, Cleaner Germany Muldenstrasse 17-25, 67069 , Ludwigshafen / Rhein Werner Weber Sandro Lumia
Contank SA Equipment Operator, Cleaner Spain Travesera Can Estape, 5-7, 08755 Castellbisbal, Spain Israel Lago Jaime Panadero
Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics BV Equipment Operator Netherlands Willingestraat 6, 3087 AN, Rotterdam Michelle Slobbe Jacco Bruijnes
TANK CONTAINER CLEANING SERVICES SRL Cleaner Italy VIA LUIGI VOLPICELLA, 194 , 80147 Napoli Alessio Castello Antonio Di Lorenzo
Lanxess NV Seller, Loader Belgium Scheldelaan 420, Haven 507, 2040 Antwerpen Joris Van Poucke Britt Van Duyse
Wilhelm Ernst GmbH Cleaner Germany Altenwerder Hauptstrasse 2, 21129 Hamburg Jan-Wilhelm Ernst Cathrin Ernst
TCS Lachmann GmbH Cleaner Germany Am Schlütershof 23, 47059 Duisburg Volker Lachmann Tanja Lachmann
PS Truck Wash Cleaner Germany Dinklager Strasse 17a, 49451 Holdorf Uve Hilgendorf Uve Hilgendorf
Ingo Dinges Tankreinigungs GmbH Cleaner Germany Max-Planck-Str. 5, 67269 Grünstadt Ingo Dinges Andreas Luthringshauser
Lyondellbasell Seller-Loader Netherlands Delftseplein 27E, 3013 AA Rotterdam Nancy Lindenhovius Nancy Lindenhovius
STAR S.P.A. Equipment Operator Italy Localita' il moro, 1 - Frazione Paradisio, 20085 Locate di Triulzi (MI) Fabio Patricelli Barbara Panico
Transport Mervielde NV Cleaner Belgium Monumentstraat 13, 9940 Ertvelde Patrick Mervielde Ronny Heirman
Vopak ACS Loader Belgium Scheldelaan 410, Haven 503 2040 Antwerpen Serina Jacobs Serina Jacobs
Claessen Tankcleaning Venlo BV Cleaner Netherlands Columbusweg 27, 5928 LA Venlo Michel Claessen
Gartner Tankspedition GmbH Equipment Operator Germany Stockholmer Strasse 17, 67346 Speyer Timo Senk Timo Senk
MTR Mannheimer Tankwagenreinigung Dietrich Ehrhardt Cleaner Germany Franz Grashof Str. 10-14, 68199 Mannheim Jost Ehrhardt Jost Ehrhardt