The idea of building a digital ecosystem originated from essenscia back in 2015 where the concept of an electronic ETFCO Cleaning Document or eECD was brought forward as first digital Use Case. This idea got further turned into a pilot concept during 2016 and at the start of 2017 a formal company ecosystem and project team was built where ECTA was leading the project coordination in close cooperation with Cefic, essenscia and EFTCO. After selection of a data sharing platform, the project funds got secured and ecosystem business model got finalized. This all led to the start up of the ECLIC vzw, who will further coordinate the ICT applications, the data sharing rules and policies and any new Use Cases across the chemical logistics community.

On March 16th, 2018 The European Chemical Logistics Information Council abbreviated "ECLIC“, was founded by 3 associations who gathered and released the required funds:

  • ECTA: European Chemical Transport Association
  • essenscia: Belgian federation of the Chemical and Life sciences industry
  • EFTCO: The European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations

The ECLIC Members

The “European Chemical Logistics Information Council" abbreviated "ECLIC“ consists of the following

  • Corporate A Members: any federation of industries related to chemical logistics
    • essenscia
    • EFTCO
    • ECTA
  • Corporate B Members: any company or association member of any Corporate A Member related to logistics
    • APLICA France
    • BASF Antwerpen NV
    • Covestro NV
    • DVTI Germany
    • Evonik Antwerpen NV
    • GCA Logistique
    • HTC Columbus NV, Belgium
    • Kube & Kubenz MbH & Co, Germany
  • Associate Members: all other legal entities (e.g. stakeholders) that are granted associate member status by the Board of Directors and can contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Association
    • New members being considered

ECLIC Governance Structure

  • The ECLIC “effective Board of Directors” consist of
    • Yves Verschueren – essenscia (Chairman)
    • Erwig Seliaerts – EFTC0 (Vice Chairman)
    • Maarten Misschaert - BASF Antwerpen NV
    • Lutz Harder – DVTI
    • Damien Becquet – APLICA
    • Andreas Zink – ECTA
    • Michael Kubenz – Kube & Kubenz MbH & Co
    • Bart Witdouck – Evonik Antwerpen NV
  • The following people have been assigned as “observers to the Board of Directors”
    • Annick Vidal – GCA Logistique
    • Lieven De Jonge - Covestro NV
    • Jochen Van Hoydonck – HTC Columbus NV
  • The ECLIC Chief Executive Officer is:
    • Peter Devos Consult BVBA

Our ICT Partners

Building a state of art data sharing platform requires state of art IT solution and partners.

The data sharing IT platform services are provided through Nxtport. Nxtport is a consortium of Nallian, Proximus and Microsoft and will build and provide the open API or Application Programming Interface to connect to the eECD data platform.

The eECD application services are provided to Pionira NV, who will build the eECD application. Pionira NV also is strong in the field of eCMR.

Furthermore, several 3rd party cleaning software providers as LynX Automation and Lucrasoft, are part of the eECD project team and think with the team to offer the electronic ECD solution to their customer base.